Charge for weight loss: yoga and a mix of strength exercises for the morning gym

Morning exercise is a great start to the day and ensures good health until the evening. Moreover, with charging support, you can effectively stimulate weight loss and strengthen whole body muscles. Therefore, those who skip the morning workout will make a big mistake and deprive themselves of the opportunity to reap great benefits for the body in a few minutes.

Benefits of exercising right after waking up

Many people feel lethargic in the morning and some movements stiff after waking up. Morning exercise helps to get rid of these unpleasant feelings and also has a positive effect on the body:

  • provides a burst of strength and invigoration, increasing efficiency. This happens due to the training of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems during morning workouts. More oxygen entering the body will stimulate physical activity, as well as brain activity;
  • stimulate weight loss. An increase in the concentration of oxygen in the blood, the main catalyst for all processes in the body, leads to activation of metabolism and improved work of all systems;
  • help organize daily routines as efficiently as possible. After a tiring day at work, many people don't have the energy and desire to exercise anymore, so morning exercise gives them the physical activity they need to stay healthy and lose weight without any problems. need to drastically change the daily routine;
  • Improves mood and increases resistance to stress. The production of hormones due to physical activity normalizes the functioning of the nervous system. And if yoga is used as a morning exercise, then a person learns to focus and relax, as well as think positively, which has a positive effect on the overall quality of life.

There are many forms of morning exercise, so each person can be guaranteed to choose the most suitable physical activities and workout elements that are comfortable for him or her. When choosing a load, you should focus on the following aspects:

  • there should be enough time for training, often not enough in the morning, so the charging scheme should be conceived taking this into account;
  • After morning exercise, you will feel happy, not tired. So physical activity needs to be effective but just enough so that you don't feel exhausted all day.

Walking as a form of exercise to lose weight

Walking is the most natural aerobic exercise for humans and the easiest way to lose weight. To advocate using walking as a morning exercise, the following speak for themselves:

  • during walking, a gentle load is placed on the joints and muscles, due to which the risk of harm to health and injury is minimized;
  • walking is the most accessible type of cardiovascular exercise, and almost anyone can use this type of physical activity for weight loss as a morning workout;
  • You can walk on your way to work, and to achieve the desired effect, just 20-30 minutes is enough, so morning walk is the best choice for those who are too busy to have time to exercise. full exercises. ;
  • To increase the load, you can use weighting agents, suitable for both sports equipment and special bags for work and shopping.

Yoga as a morning exercise

exercises with elements of yoga for weight loss

The benefits of yoga - an ancient Indian practice of mind and body - can hardly be overestimated. It develops flexibility, coordination of the body and strength of the mind and leads to inner harmony. For this, meditation, appropriate asanas and breathing techniques are used, which contribute to weight loss. In the morning exercises, if desired, you can include any component of this exercise or combine them all.

As morning exercises, you can use the yoga poses that make up the Sun Salutation complex:

  1. Prayer pose.
  2. Pose with arms raised.
  3. Stork pose.
  4. Pose of the Riders.
  5. Mountain pose.
  6. Worship pose with eight points.
  7. Snake pose.
  8. Cat pose.
  9. Mountain pose.
  10. Pose of the Riders.
  11. Stork pose.
  12. At the end - the prayer pose.

If you want, you can do any other yoga pose, but it's always a good idea to complete a warm-up with Savasana (or Total Relaxation Pose).

Set of basic exercises for morning exercises

exercises to lose weight

Performing resistance training exercises in the morning contributes to the consumption of a large number of calories and strengthens the muscles throughout the body. Thus, with the help of morning exercises, it is possible to achieve the body's elasticity through muscle training, develop strength and endurance, and lose weight stably and safely.

A basic morning workout with increased physical activity can include effective exercises such as the following:

  • Turn your neck. Lying on your back and keeping your head straight, you need to first turn your head in one direction, trying to touch your collarbone and shoulders with your chin, and then the other. By including this move in the morning exercise group, you can get rid of excessive tension and stiffness in the neck muscles.
  • Rotational movements of the body. Sit on the edge of the bed, place your lower limbs on the floor, then turn to the right, bringing your right hand back as far as you can, while placing your left hand on your right thigh. After maximal lateral tension for 30 seconds, you should rotate to the other side and stretch in the same manner.
  • Tilt to one side. Standing upright, it is convenient to place the lower limbs, and the upper limbs - lift and hook into the lock above the head. Then you need to lean to the side, trying to stretch the side muscles as much as possible for 30 seconds. After completing this stretch and slimming exercise, you should repeat this movement, leaning in the opposite direction.
  • Squat. Stand up straight, place your upper limbs on the belt, behind your head or in front of your chest, place your feet shoulder-width apart, and perform a squat, lowering your pelvis to parallel with your hips and the floor. By including squats in your exercise, you can quickly push up your butt and strengthen the muscles of your lower extremities.

You can add variety to this set of exercises with the following exercises:

  • jump rope 5 minutes at a speed of 100-120 jumps / minute;
  • exercise "Bicycle" to train the muscles of the limbs;
  • a set of exercises with forward and side bends (10 times per repetition);
  • Push up from the wall or from the floor, focusing on your toes or knees, depending on your fitness level.